There are no dress rehearsals…

Thanks to the Twittersphere, I stumbled upon a new blogger and read his introductory post regarding appointment to a new position.  He spoke of the passing of time, that it felt like not long ago that he took up his last role – five years prior.  Well, you can read more if you’d like, but it prompted me to stop, think and reply:

“Congratulations on your new appointment (I found you via Twitter). Your reflection on the passing of time gives me pause.  I watched my first group of elementary-aged students graduate this spring; and I daily marvel at the changes in my eight month old son.  Then I realize it’s a matter of time before my worlds collide personally and professionally.  I’m reminded that we only have one chance at a kid’s “age 5” -at a student’s “junior year” – at a teacher’s “first class.”  Cheers to you, and here’s to making the most of every moment.”

Folks, there are no dress rehearsals for life, broadly, and there are no do-overs for each day of a child’s school experience (don’t get me started on grade retention).  What a sobering thought as my first class of fourth graduated this month, and as my son is a mere 4 months from his first birthday.

Carpe diem!  Seems anticlimactic to sleep after this post, but it is nearly 1 am.  I’ll do lots of seizing of the day in a few short hours. 🙂


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