Children’s lit lovers, lend me your ear.

I love children’s books.  Always have, always will.  I have such strong sensory-filled memories when perusing my childhood collection, now openly on display in my home with the arrival of my son earlier this year.  The smell of the pages, the colorful illustrations, the sound of rhyme schemes – it’s like reconnecting with old friends – and picking up where we left off.

I also love giving children’s books as gifts – to adults and kids alike.  I have my standby favorites.

Board books:  anything by Eric Carle, Peek a Who, The Monster at the End of This Book

Picture books: Yo! Yes, Fortunately, Miss Rumphius, Caps for Sale, Where the Wild Things Are, anything by Chris VanAllsburg, The Jolly Postman

Poetry books:  anything by Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky, Love That Dog

Older child/young adult books:  The Bridge to Terabithia; Charlotte’s Web; Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes; Because of Winn Dixie; The Stinky Cheese Man; John, Paul, George and Ben; anything by E.L. Konigsburg

But sometimes I want something new.  Something fresh.  Something I haven’t already given to the person already (hey, it’s happened).  That’s when I review the archives of a friend’s blog.  Carter Higgins and I used to work together in Goochland and attend church together in Richmond.  We would go to Starbucks on those glorious snow days when roads were fine in Richmond but ice-covered 30 miles west.  We once had a Lord of the Rings marathon because I hadn’t ever seen the movies.  And we even went to Arizona together to babysit for a group of single moms for a week – coolest mission’s trip ever.  True story.

Without a doubt, my love for children’s books pales in comparison to hers.  She is serious as a heart attack about ’em, and she can beautifully articulate not only which books she loves, but WHY.  After working as a library media specialist, she went to school to learn motion graphics.  She married her love of books with an understanding of art and design, and that is why I love her blog.  I’m learning the artistic piece, which doesn’t come naturally to me – or my eye.  I like it “because.”  Carter explains why.

So when I need a new fix at Barnes and Noble, when I need to reach $25 in my Amazon for the super saver free shipping promotion, or when I need to buy a gift for someone that I’m sure won’t be a duplicate (again – doh!), I turn to Carter’s blog, Design of the Picture Book.  Please check it out, follow along, and tell Carter her fellow bibliophile Laura sent you.


One thought on “Children’s lit lovers, lend me your ear.

  1. I got more than two cents about picture books…can I lend you $100? Thanks for the shout out!! Love that you mentioned THE STINKY CHEESE MAN…last summer I got my copy autographed by Jon Scieszca, and yesterday at ALA I added Lane Smith’s John Hancock. So awesome.

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