Dealing with Crisis: Resources for Parents and Teachers

There are no words to describe the shock, sadness, and horror of the events that took place today in Newtown, Connecticut.  As a parent, an educator, and a Virginia Tech graduate, it’s a worst nightmare scenario.  Something has to give.

I won’t dwell on the tragedy in this post.  What I will do is share links to resources I’ve seen, gathered, and shared over the last few hours in case they are helpful to you in addressing – or not addressing, based on their age – the event with your children.  I’ll update this list as I’m made aware of new resources.

I am not an expert in this realm, so I’ll direct you to others, but my own take on this?  I would underscore the need to use caution and good judgment in sharing details, watching news coverage, and having an overly emotional response in front of your children.  I’m not suggesting to hide it all and pretend life is rosy, but our reactions may magnify their fears – or worse – be their first exposure to the news and create fear that was not there previously.  Perhaps this post may help you decide whether or not to bring up the shooting with your young children.

My heart and prayers go out to the families involved – and to yours – as you make sense of this in your home.  I know I held my son tighter when I picked up him today.


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