Debriefing my first UNconference

Man, oh man, does this format have merit!  Teacher-driven professional development that’s both relevant and tailored to attendees’  needs and interests.

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I attended a session on classroom-useful Web 2.0 tools, another on the new virtual course requirement for Virginia schools, and I facilitated a session on using Social Media platforms to engage students, teachers, parents, and professionals in the field.  A Google Doc with notes from all the sessions is available, so peruse for yourself.

I was impressed with the high-engagement of attendees – and the willingness of everyone to share and speak from experience when the opportunity presented.  I walked away from the experience with great respect for the tech-infused instruction happening in our region – in congruence with sound pedagogy, a few new tools in my belt for personal and professional use, and knowledge of how to organize an UNconference format for replication elsewhere on other topics.

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