Apologies for prolonged silence

If you know me personally, I’m not usually silent for long – not even in the digital world – but this blog has been neglected.  My hope is to fix that – at least for the short-term.

Let’s see, since my last post in March, much has transpired, personally and professionally.

On a personal level, we had a health scare with my sweet son that turned out to be incredibly benign – a fractured leg and 6 weeks in a cast.  While avoiding baths and pools for the first half of the summer was less-than-fun for us, we were so thankful that some of the other options on the table were nixed (e.g. leukemia, septic joints, bone infections).


And in other good news, we are expecting baby #2, a girl, set to arrive in the next 8 weeks.  Thus my commitment to blog only pertains to the short-term, and another apology for prolonged silence may follow. 🙂


Professionally, I’ve completed some interested contracts, I’m in process with others, and I’m planning for more.  I hope to write more about my learning and growth by project, but for now, how about a list of past/present?


Current contracts/research/presentations:

Completed contracts/research/presentations:


Comments? I'd love your two cents...

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