Work and passion – finding “sweet spot”

Many people have hobbies or interests that they’re passionate about, but few people would pay them to play all day and “follow their bliss.”  Would be nice though, right?

And a wise person once told me, “They call work ‘work’ for a reason.  It isn’t always fun.”


(By the way, bosses, you can buy this poster for your office, or get it in mug form like my boss used to have.  Check out for more “Demotivators” like this)

But man, when you can align those passions with a paycheck, finding a niche for yourself?  Magic.

Today, spent all day with one of my clients (a doctoral candidate) running descriptive statistics on a data set of all reported professional development offerings for principals across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Can’t go to sleep b/c I’m having so much fun getting ahead of her and looking and preliminary findings.

I just finished updating my CV to respond to an RFP (Request for Proposal) with a team of folks to form a technical assistance/evaluation team for a government project.

Tomorrow, I’m having lunch with the President of the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, representatives from Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood Education (company that produces the GOLD birth-to-Kindergarten multi-dimensional child development assessment) and my colleague, a project evaluator for a 32 school site pilot of this assessment to assess our first 5 months of pilot implementation.

Then having someone at the VT Richmond Center sign off that my passport is legit so I can officially get on payroll as an adjunct instructor. I start teaching my first graduate course in 2 weeks!

Lately, I love my work too much to sleep! I can’t always blame my dark circles on my babies.

Point being, I’d like to encourage you if you’re considering branching out – particularly parents looking to stay active professionally without sacrificing time with your children.  Assess your strengths, evaluate the need for your expertise, network, and see if you can innovate a bit to create flexible work opportunities for yourself.  The last 18 months since I left traditional employment have been a fantastic adventure for me, and I’m excited for what’s to come!

If I can share my adventures or answer questions in a way that’s helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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