A grateful heart for a beautiful day

Had one of the best days of my life yesterday. It was a normal day, but it was chock full of beautiful, “brutiful” (a la Glennon Doyle) moments that I felt so alive. My heart is so full. Still processing…
– Woke up to a beautiful baby smile and a request to build a block house with my handsome son. I am a blessed mother.

– Husband asked how he could help me get out the door, knowing I had a full day ahead. I am a grateful wife.

– Friend asked our mailbox number so she could leave a loaf of homemade bread. I am cherishing the rebuilding of a sense of community that I’ve been craving.

– Our babysitter sent me a text with a precious and comical story of my son complimenting my daughter for “being a good pooper.” I laugh a lot at these kids, and I can’t imagine being able to pursue work opportunities without having such a wonderfully kind, caring child-care provider and second mom to my children.

– Dad called and told me how proud he was of me. I am thankful for our healthy connection.

– Former professor asked me to be interviewed on camera regarding my doctoral quest and my experience in the VT program for a promotional video. I am a supported professional and a proud Hokie (and Eagle and Ram, too).

– Had a networking lunch with someone who wanted to pick my brain and include me in upcoming contracts. I am encouraged about the future and thankful for open doors.

– Ran into a family friend from a lifetime ago who embraced me and shared her struggles and listened to mine (regarding my mother) with an open and loving heart. I am reminded that there is no room for judgment in love, and I am so proud of the woman she’s becoming.

– Got a text from a dear friend with an ultrasound picture, after months of disappointing news on that front. I screamed, jumped up and down, and was moved to tears of joy for her and her family.

– Taught class to 22 wonderful educators, learned from them, witnessed their passion, and again shared very honestly about the unexpected twists in my professional journey. When I told them I’d be teaching their first summer session class, they cheered. I am thankful for their acceptance of/patience with me as I try something new.

– Two students stayed after class to talk further about content, their experiences, and get advice on a new work venture. One student who is experiencing a major traumatic life event texted me well into the evening. I want to be an opener of doors for those that come after me.

– Edited the final chapter of my friend’s dissertation and cried reading her acknowledgements and reflection: “Finally, to my editor and friend Dr. Laura Kassner. The professional manner in which you worked with members of our cohort as you guided us through this process should not go unnoticed. Your knowledge, expertise and overall belief in those you worked with made this journey easier to travel. I cannot imagine having gone through process without you Laura…In terms of this doctoral program, in particular the dissertation process, I am very fortunate and blessed to have had a dissertation chair, a dissertation committee and an unbelievable editor who believed in me and my abilities to make it to the end of the educational journey. To all I will be forever grateful.” I am so proud of her and thankful for the opportunity.

Basically, it was a beautiful, ordinary day filled with incredibly poignant moments. I can’t remember any one day that possessed so rich a collection of powerful, individual “windows of the soul” (term belongs to Ken Gire). I felt very alive, very in-the-right-place, so to speak, and all I could do was say a prayer of thanks. Over and over again. Such graces are an undeserved gift.


2 thoughts on “A grateful heart for a beautiful day

  1. I find your openness very refreshing. Being vulnerable and competent is a challenging feat. You do it well. Thanks for sharing and being open. …another grateful spirit.

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