Enhancing educational leadership at the nexus of research and practice

Exploratory investigations
  • Conduct review of literature
  • Compile summary of best practice
Independent Program Evaluation
  • Develop conceptual framework, designing research methodology
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data (data mining existing databases, surveys, interviews, focus groups)
  • Conduct analysis and authoring final reports
Publication Preparation
  • Prepare manuscripts for publication
  • Create tables and graphics to improve visual appeal
Academic Coaching
  • Guide graduate students through research process:
    • Craft research questions
    • Develop conceptual framework
    • Build chain of logic in literature review
    • Make appropriate methodological choices
    • Aid in data collection and analysis
    • Edit drafts of examinations prior to submission to committees
    • Collaborate with university professors to ensure consistency of communication and on-time graduation
Strategic and Comprehensive Planning
  • Develop comprehensive plans: vision and mission, goals, and operationalized strategies
  • Provide meeting facilitation with community and staff
Accreditation preparation
  • Create web-based library of artifacts supporting competencies
  • Prepare for logistics of on-site reviews
Teacher Recruitment and Induction
  • Develop, implement and evaluate educator recruitment strategy
  • Create relevant, comprehensive, differentiated support for new teachers
Professional Development
  • Develop a strategic professional development plan aligned with school improvement and division comprehensive plans
  • Design and facilitation of job-embedded professional learning communities
  • Train identified leaders in adult learning theory principles
Curriculum Design and Auditing
  • Build organizational capacity to build, articulate, revise, and align curriculum
  • Curate curricular resources for courses in K-12, higher education, and adult learning
  • Assess curriculum alignment and identify gaps in the written, supported, taught, null, assessed, and hidden curricula
Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Systems
Instructional Technology Integration
  • Choose purposeful tools to engage students and enhance pedagogy, not compete or replace it
  • Train teachers with hands-on approach to provide authentic learning experiences
  • Provide sustained coaching and troubleshooting to ensure implementation fidelity
Harnessing Technology Tools for Improved Collaboration, Communication, and Workflow
  • Design online framework for internal communication and file sharing
  • Utilize web-based/cloud collaboration tools for efficiency in administrative processes and improved work flow for instructional planning
  • Enhance websites for clarity and usability
  • Teach blogging, podcasting, digital portfolio creation, and appropriate uses of social media for administrators and teachers
Logistics and Event Planning
  • Conceptualize, plan, and execute events such as job fairs, new facility openings, online registrations for community functions, open enrollment for benefits
Professional Coaching
  • Craft and edit cover letters and resumes
  • Conduct practice interview panels
  • Create a professional website and blog